Are you looking for a handmade fine wooden cutting board for your luxury kitchen or as a gift?

You are in the right place. We are a Craft Study,
specialized in the realization of fine solid wood cutting boards.

Woody Lab produces cutting boards with a unique design and other furnishing accessories such as wooden tables and lamps. We realize two kinds of cutting boards: fine crosscut cutting boards in solid wood and other classic wooden cutting boards with a longitudinal cut, which include unique pieces.

What kind of cutting boards do we produce?

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    Fine wooden crosscut cutting boards
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    Other cutting boards

Wooden crosscut cutting boards in 3D are our flagship product. They are more durable and resistant in comparison to other cutting boards. Their robustness, the well-structured handicraft construction technique and the beauty of their three-dimensional design make our cutting boards of great value and highly appreciated by the public. Classic cutting boards they are obtained through longitudinal cut, using less valuable materials but with particular shapes. Some cutting boards are unique pieces, built using wooden sections of considerable beauty like the olive tree. Some models are made by combining different types of wood and others are made of marble and wood in order to give a more luxurious and at the same time rustic look. Among the various models, we produce cutting boards with metal handles, rope handles or with two internal slots made on the sides of the cutting board, for a more compact, elegant and essential product.

Handcrafted cutting boards
Maintenance and cleaning of our wooden cutting boards

Safety first.
The food certification certifies that all our cutting boards are suitable for contact with food.

All our woods and production materials are highly selected and certified for contact with food. We do not use paints or chemical treatments. We only use organic glue suitable for food contact, along with natural oils and woods with certified traceability.

Which woods do we use for our cutting boards?

Classic cutting board
Our fine-grained wooden cutting boards with transversal cut

Woody Lab’s cutting boards, in particular crosscut boards, are realized by pressing together various carefully selected and cut wooden modules that lend great robustness and durability to the finished product. They are all Made in Italy, created by the expert hands of our craftsmen in Valdicastello Carducci, small hamlet of Pietrasanta, immersed in the greenery of a hill. We use top quality woods, in particular varieties of beech, oak, ash, mahogany and other varieties such as wengé and iroko.


Wabi-Sabi Decor

Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy according to which it is possible to find theinner harmony by accepting every fleeting and imperfect aspect of our life. In furnishing, this translates into the choice of materials marked by the incessant flow of time, where imperfection is not a mistake, but rather the track of a story. Wabi-Sabi must not be confused with Shabby Chic style as in the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, every scratch or burn is not recreated by the human hand but by the real signs of the time. This philosophy involves the use of natural materials and colours, first of all wood.